The Nests, now on three continents, are engaging and

beautiful spaces where young children learn, grow and heal. 

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Educators, or professionals with backgrounds in related fields, volunteer in our Nests in Greece and Mexico. They bring a wealth of knowledge of child development, education, art and trauma informed-practice. Additionally, all International Nesters take part in an online training session to prepare them for their work at the Nest. Our Nesters hail from across the globe and enrich our Nests with their cultural and professional backgrounds.


Eva-Marie Soler - Nest Samos



Local Nesters are adults who live in the refugee camps and shelters that we serve. They volunteer daily in the Nests, bringing first-hand knowledge of the values, culture, language and circumstances of the children. They too are prepared for their work through a training program that introduces them to constructivist principles and trauma-informed practices.


Local Nester - Nest Samos

A Day in the Life video