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Tijuana Parenting Program

Tijuana, Mexico

The Tijuana Parenting Program serves refugee and migrant parents at the US-Mexico border 

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Forging healthy connections 

The Tijuana Parenting Program provides a confidential and healing centered space where parents connect with other caregivers while enhancing parenting skills. Taught by Glenda Linares, a certified trauma informed parent educator, the workshop series is informed by the latest scientific research on trauma, emotional regulation techniques and nonviolent communication. 


The program aims to help parents feel empowered in their parenting decisions, attuned to their child’s feelings, and connected to a community of support. 


Graduates of the parenting program often call it a transformative experience. Many report feeling more joyful and patient in their role as parents and more deeply connected to their children. For those navigating parenthood under stressful and uncertain circumstances, the ability to feel a renewed sense of agency over their parenting choices can be both powerful and grounding. 

“The parenting classes have been a great support for me and my family. They help me stay calm in moments of stress. Before coming to class I would yell at my children a lot. Now I remember to breathe and help see what my children are needing. Since we started going to the classes I feel more connected to my family. I get now that it’s not their fault they are here, that we’re all doing our best and it’s not easy. When we leave the Nest and the parenting classes we are always happier and a little lighter.” 

- Martha, mother of 3 children ages 3, 7 & 12

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