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Tijuana Parent & Me

Tijuana, Mexico

The Tijuana Parent & Me Program serves refugee and migrant parents and their babies at the US-Mexico Border


The Tijuana Parent & Me program serves parents and their infants and toddlers staying at a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. The bi-weekly program offers a safe, calm and nurturing space where parents can find refuge from the stresses of shelter life and take time to play and bond with their babies.


The “Nidito,” or “Little Nest,” is staffed by early childhood teachers and parent educators who facilitate conversation and offer information about child development, helping parents to feel confident in their parenting approach and connected to their little ones.

Nest Schools

Canyon Nest

Tijuana, Mexico


Nest Athens

Athens, Greece

Nest Congo

Mumosho, DR Congo

Nest Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe


Nest Norte

Tijuana, Mexico

Parenting Programs

Parent & Me Programs

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Parenting Program
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Los Angeles
Parenting Program
Parent & Me
Tijuana Parenting 1.jpg
Parent & Me
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