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Meet PILAglobal’s new co-CEO

Kristina Brittenham

PILAglobal co-CEO

This spring, Kristina Brittenham joins the PILAglobal leadership team as co-Chief Executive Officer.

Kristina will oversee PILAglobal’s growing domestic portfolio including academic partnerships and clinical programs in Los Angeles, drawing on her expertise in building capacity through collaboration and resource-sharing.

A lawyer, educator and activist, Kristina brings extensive experience in child advocacy work, early childhood research and nonprofit leadership to our organization. She comes to PILAglobal as the co-founder and CEO of the Children’s Action Coalition, an online platform for child welfare service providers to connect, collaborate, and leverage each other’s strengths.

“I’ve researched how to scale high-quality early childhood education for under-resourced children – but PILAglobal is one of the few organizations that are doing this work on behalf of migrant and displaced children, who often lack access to any education at all,” said Kristina. “I am thrilled to be joining the PILAglobal team and look forward to expanding our innovative programming with an eye towards how we can share the Nest Approach widely.”

Lindsay Weissert will remain as co-CEO alongside Kristina, continuing to oversee our international clinical programs and research projects. “I am so excited to welcome Kristina to the PILAglobal team,” said Lindsay.

“As we continue our mission to provide quality early education to refugee children and families, Kristina's expertise and passion for this work will be invaluable. Together, we look forward to scaling PILA’s Nest Approach to offer safe spaces where children can do the most important work of childhood – play.”

Prior to founding the CAC, Kristina worked in private practice as a litigator, clerked for a federal judge, advocated for foster youth, consulted on corporate social responsibility and action research, and founded a preschool. She sits on the Advisory Board for the UCLA Lab School and on Conservation International’s Leadership Council as Vice Chair.

Learn more about the PILAglobal leadership team >>

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