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Join Congresswoman Katie Porter in supporting Nest schools

Last year, Congresswoman Katie Porter visited Canyon Nest, our school for migrant children sheltering at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. Moved by her experience, she called upon her constituents to support our vital work providing safe learning and play opportunities to those most in need.

Katie Porter understands problems aren’t solved overnight. The need for high quality education at the border is greater than ever as families navigate overcrowded shelters and corrupt systems. Congresswoman Katie Porter is again urging her constituents to support PILAglobal’s work providing children stuck at the border with a safe space to learn, heal and play.

We invite you to read Katie Porter’s letter below and join her in supporting Canyon Nest.


Dear Supporter,

This holiday season, I have a goal of raising $10,000 for PILAglobal, an organization doing meaningful work to provide high quality education to under-resourced communities around the world through “Nests.” These Nests are culturally responsive, play-based early education programs for young children and families. In collaboration with partner organizations, PILAglobal establishes schools and parenting programs in refugee camps, migrant shelters, and communities experiencing extreme poverty.

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I visited one of these Nests in the summer of 2021 when I went to the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana to listen and learn from the people there. As a mom, I was especially moved by the parents I saw there, who are seeking a better life for their families, but couldn’t answer the questions their kids have: When will we be home? Are we safe here? Will I go to school? Many of these families live this way for years.

In the midst of these conditions, PILAglobal is doing incredible work to offer kids a chance to learn and play in a safe, peaceful, and engaging environment.

The Canyon Nest in Tijuana serves 300 children a day, offering them a space for joy, learning and healing. They’ve recently expanded, and your contribution will help them continue to serve children and families.

On my trips to the border, it was made clear that our country has serious work to do to fix our immigration and asylum system. I’ll keep fighting for better oversight, and for real solutions to the problems within our immigration system.

I’m thankful for the people at PILAglobal who are doing this life-changing work. And thank you, supporter, for supporting this excellent organization and the brave families they serve. Your donation will truly make a difference in the life of a child.

Katie Porter

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