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Canyon Nest on CNN

Last week, CNN reporter Rosa Flores visited Canyon Nest, PILAglobal’s school for migrant children at the US-Mexico border, to understand how tough new immigration policies are impacting aslyum-seeking families.

Watch the report to learn about the new policies and what PILAglobal is doing to help.

This month, the US administration announced a new crackdown on immigration that could disqualify the vast majority of migrants from being able to seek asylum at the US-Mexico border.

As a result, a record number of families remain stuck in unsafe border cities, without access to safe places to learn, play, and heal. Thankfully, PILAglobal’s border Nests are providing quality education, care and nutrition to many of these children and families sheltering in Tijuana.

"Light shines even in the darkest canyon." - Rosa Flores, CNN

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