Our Story


What is now PILAglobal was founded in 2014 by a group of educators who believe that all children, regardless of their economic or geographic considerations, are entitled to a high-quality education that sparks curiosity, creativity and joy. Initially named the Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles (PILA), we were committed to education equality in our local community. PILA partnered with local schools serving large numbers of low-income students to collaborate with teachers, transform classrooms, and share innovative  educational practices.

In early 2018, with the refugee crisis intensifying throughout the world, PILA recognized the growing international need for early childhood education among refugee and migrant children. Understanding  the profound positive impact early childhood education can have on a child’s growth and development, PILA committed to helping the most vulnerable populations – beginning with children and families seeking asylum from turmoil in the Middle East on the island of Lesvos, Greece. That year we opened The Nest – a beautiful, safe and engaging play space for newly arriving young refugee children at a community center in Lesvos, Greece. 


Our international presence led to the adoption of our current name, PILAglobal. Since opening that first “Nest,” PILAglobal has responded to needs across the world, building additional Nests in Greece, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Mexico. Partnering with organizations around the world, PILAglobal continues to build safe, welcoming places for children to learn, play and heal.