What is now PILAglobal started in 2014 as the Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles, or PILA, by a group of educators committed to equity. Early on, PILA partnered with LAUSD schools serving large numbers of low-income students to collaborate with teachers, transform classrooms, and rethink outdated educational practices.


In early 2018, with the refugee crisis intensifying at America’s southern border and throughout the world, PILA’s work went global. We opened our first “Nest,” a play space for young asylum-seekers living in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Since then, responding to needs as they arise, PILA has built additional Nests in Greece, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Mexico.

In January 2021, we rebranded with a more fitting name, PILAglobal. Partnering with organizations around the world, PILAglobal continues to build Nests for children who would otherwise be denied a safe place to learn and play.