CANYON NEST is tucked away in a peaceful canyon 30 minutes from the U.S. border. It is housed on a sprawling property where a diverse community of over 200 South American, Central American and Haitian refugees live together awaiting resettlement. At a time when fewer and fewer refugees are gaining asylum, the wait is often long, and for some, indefinite. The Canyon Nest serves over 50 children Mondays through Fridays and consists of two programs:


The Lower Nest - serving children 3–6 years old

The Upper Nest - serving children 6–10 years old

Both programs offer a peaceful refuge from the overcrowded living conditions that families endure as they wait for their immigration interviews at the U.S. border. Equipped with engaging materials that spark creativity and curiosity, our Nest offers children what all children are entitled to ensure healthy development – the right to play and learn safely. Away from the shelter where each family shares a single bed and conversations amongst adults are always within earshot of children, Canyon Nest is a protected space free of adult concerns. It is a place where children can be children!


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