On the Greek island of Samos, where 4500 refugees are stranded in a deplorable camp, PILA, in partnership with Action for Education, opened the doors to our second Greek Nest. At Nest Samos, children and their families can find respite from the chaos and indignities of camp life.  Here, they can do what all children have the right to do-- play, form healthy relationships and explore a room that is engaging, clean and safe. From the maker space and art area, to dramatic play and our famous Kodo MagWall, the room is designed to spark curiosity, creativity and joy - and it does! 


Open to Greek citizens as well as refugees, our hope is to bring communities together and ease the tensions that understandably exist as newcomers and local citizens share a small, under-resourced island. The Nest is a place where neighbors, regardless of whether they are Greek families living in houses or refugees living in tents, can play together while their parents share a pot of tea. As one Greek mother said of her child playing in the Nest with a refugee volunteer, “This is what I want for my child - to know his neighbors, all of them.”