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Nest Norte

Tijuana, Mexico

Nest Norte serves young refugee and migrant children while their parents seek critical legal counsel at the US-Mexico border

A peaceful refuge for families

Nest Norte is a peaceful, child-centered space where young children can relax and play while their parents seek legal counsel at Al Otro Lado, an NGO located just minutes from the San Ysidro Port of Entry in Tijuana, Mexico.

To ease the burden of childcare on parents while they meet with immigration lawyers, Nest Norte provides a safe, supportive environment where children are protected from adult conversations in which past violence against them may be retold.

In addition to welcoming children, Nest Norte also provides a private space where caregivers and new parents can take parenting classes, replenish supplies for their families and have some downtime away from their challenging living conditions.


“Nest Norte is a place where children can forget their problems and focus on playing. For migrant children who have come with a heavy emotional load, it is ideal that we have this space to transmit love to them and peace in their lives.”

- Araceli, Local Nester

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Nest Norte

Tijuana, Mexico

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