Early education is critical for the children in Mumosho, Eastern DR Congo, where many are orphans or are unattended while their parents struggle to provide for their families. Providing a safe place where the youngest children are intellectually and socially engaged, fed, and cared for is an important systemic step in lifting the people of Mumosho out of poverty and healing this war-ravaged country.


In response to this need, PILAglobal, in partnership with Action Kivu and The Dillon Henry Foundation, has created 3 classrooms at the Congo Peace School for children 4- 6 years old. The "Nests" provide foundational early education, and a nutritious meal daily to eighty-four local children who would otherwise not have access to education. Here the children can safely play with engaging materials and develop the dispositions needed to stop the cycle of violence and mistreatment of girls that plague their nation.


Peaceful conflict resolution and respect for others and self begins early! The Nest provides young Congolese children, both boys and girls, opportunities to develop their own positive voice with which they can eventually shape a just and civil nation.