Since 2018, when PILAglobal opened a Nest on the Greek Island of Lesvos, Greek authorities have slowly been moving thousands of refugees from the eastern Aegean islands to the mainland capital of Athens as part of efforts to improve conditions in overcrowded island camps.


For newly arriving refugee and migrant children in Athens, as well as those who’ve been in mainland camps for many months and years, life is intensely difficult. Access to Greek schools is limited for the youngest refugees, many of whom are vulnerable children who have fled conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 


To provide constructive learning opportunities and a safe space for refugee children to learn and grow, PILAglobal opened Nest Athens in 2021. In partnership with Carry The Future, and our on-the-ground NGO, Action For Education, Nest Athens offers children a beautiful, educational space where they can safely do what all children have the right to  do—PLAY.