Volunteer to work in one of our Nests in Greece or Mexico. “Nesters” work directly with the children, supporting their daily experiences - exploring, playing, socializing and learning. Depending on which Nest you visit, the children are from 3-10 years old. Teachers and related professionals are needed to support the Local Nesters who also volunteer their time. For more information on Nesting, click here.




The best way to learn about The Nest is to visit! If you would like to organize a group trip for your community, school, church or temple to visit Canyon Nest, we will help you make the arrangements. 


To organize a group trip to Canyon Nest please write to us at


During this pandemic, nearly anyone can throw an online party. Just invite your family, friends and colleagues (the more the better) to a  Zoom meeting, and we’ll do the rest!  We will do a 20-minute presentation, followed by a group discussion about the global refugee crises, its impact on children, and how the Nests fill a gap for children with no access to school.


To host a Salon or to talk to us about how to get started, please write to us at




Everyone knows that having a sibling means there’s someone there to look out for you, to help when you need it, to hold you up when you are falling. All of our Nests need sisters schools who will help support the education of the many children who attend each day.  If your school would like to be a sister school to any of our Nests globally, let us know.

In exchange for your support, our sister schools will receive:

  • monthly reports on student activities

  • access to our penpal program

  • hand-tailored Zoom meeting for staff and parents about the crises at the border

  • priority housing (if available) when Nesting in Tijuana


To learn more about how your school can adopt a Nest, please write us at



Children connect easily with PILAglobal’s mission to provide education for children who have limited or no access to education. Starting early with activism helps increase empathy and compassion and teaches children valuable skills that comes with stewardship:

  • Host a neighborhood bake sale.

  • Choose PILAglobal for your Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah or school-related outreach project.

  • Partner with your school’s club or outreach organizations to host a fundraiser to help support PILAglobal’s Nests.

  • Organize a coin drive at your local school or church.

  • Host a book club to help raise awareness and educate people about refugee issues facing children worldwide. Turn it into a fundraising event and we’ll show up to give first-hand accounts of the Nests’ global impact.



Corporations interested in the mission of PILAglobal are eligible for corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsors help PILA provide vital education and care to displaced and vulnerable children in various ways including sponsoring events, corporate matching, and financial support. With your donation of $1,000 or more, you will receive visible recognition of your philanthropy, admission to all of our fundraisers and tickets to our online events. To learn more, write to us at



PILAglobal Ambassadors are driven, young individuals who are committed to spreading awareness about PILAglobal’s initiatives within their own communities. These individuals are passionate and outspoken leaders who use innovative ways to broaden PILA’s reach and amplify the organization’s mission.  Please click here for an application.