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Academic Programs

UCLA Global Citizenship Education Program

Each Nest is outfitted with materials that inspire curiosity, invention, and creative expression. For children who have been separated from the familiarity of home, the opportunity to be autonomous, make decisions, and play freely within a safe and supportive social environment is a significant restorative experience.

All children deserve to be fully seen. Nest children are especially in need of warm, loving, consistent adults who can facilitate not only academic learning but also personal growth and healing. Nest teachers are careful observers who are highly attuned to changing needs of each child. This individualized approach makes each child feel valued.

PILAglobal’s Nests are staffed by teams of local asylum seekers, educators and international volunteers — all of whom are trained in trauma-informed practice and pedagogy. Teachers and volunteers join children in play, helping them grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Responsive Teachers